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Handmade implies a superior process and product. Yet, it all depends upon whose hands made it. Handmade quality is determined by the quality of the craftsman you have chosen. Then, and then only, does the quality of the products used matter. This combination, of great hands to make and great materials to mend, make a genuinely quality product- handmade.
Process is important. It makes or breaks the system by which leather footwear is properly constructed. It has a rich history and the processes involved in making leather footwear are many. From the ancient footwear of the Egyptians to the modern-day cowboy, leather has always been a logical and valued material. Today, many forms of footwear do not use genuine leather but replace them with cheap synthetics or imitation materials, which fail rapidly.

Our process uses all genuine leather ranging from both vegetable-tanned leathers (primarily used in the footbed materials or the insole and the 
outsole) and chrome tanned leather for shiny finished leathers for the uppers. Other exotic materials imported from all over the world are used to add a unique texture or look to the boot.

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