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Photo of boots in need of restoration and repair on a work bench


We provide comprehensive repair services for western boots and accessories with expert craftsmanship. Repairing your western cowboy boots or leather accessories is of utmost importance to our Parker Boot team, and we take pride in restoring your boots to their former glory. We use only the highest quality materials and processes to ensure your leather goods can be enjoyed for many years to come

We also provide mail-in services for clients who require our assistance from a distance. Please contact us for further details on how we can help you with your repair needs.

Gift Cards

Giving something special to someone special is always a great idea. Our gift certificates are unique, engraved with your personal messages on boot-shaped wooden plaques, and elegantly packaged for any occasion. Whether it's an anniversary, a retiring executive, or a dear friend, we can help make that moment memorable. Give the gift that keeps on giving—an all-American Western heritage artisan experience.

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Image of Hand Made Tops
Photo of hand made and decorated boot in white


Planning a wedding event or looking to do something special for the bridal party? Parker Boot Company can help make it even more memorable. Whether it's hosting large bridal parties or focusing on one special member of the family, we provide a unique Western heritage artisan experience in boot making. Our mobile team can set up at any location to measure each person individually, or we offer a more generic fitting system using traditional sizing methods.

Our design team can design logos, brands, or family crests to customize your special wedding occasion even further.

Corporate Events

Parker Boot Company's in-house or mobile team can accommodate large events with multiple orders. Whether it's rewarding a large group of sales team members or a gathering of long-time business partners, we offer on-site services to discuss leather, design, and measure each individual or provide a more generic fitting system if preferred. These events can range from wedding party participants to celebratory dates or business anniversaries. Parker Boot Company has covered your special occasion, and it even collaborates with local hosting services and catering to provide you with a one-of-a-kind event.

Photo of Zephan working with client
Photo of hides hanging from rack

Client Provided Hides

If you've recently acquired a footwear-grade hide or have been on a hunt, we can utilize it to craft a variety of leather goods for you. For American alligators, we recommend initiating the deposit or fitting process while the skin is still at the tannery. This ensures that any overlapping wait times common in the tanning and boot-building process are accounted for.

When aiming to create dry leather goods like wallets or belts, a "glazed" finish is preferred. For constructing western cowboy boots and dry goods, a "matte" finished skin is preferable. The belly side of the skin is preferred for all products we craft at Parker Custom Boots.

Alligator skins of all sizes are welcome. If the alligator is below 30-35cm in width at the belly, then two skins will be required for a single pair of boots. Alligators 40-45cm and above will typically accommodate a single pair from one skin. Anything larger can usually yield multiple pairs from one skin.

We do not guarantee any skin provided by exotic hunts. Upon arrival, we will inspect and test each skin to ensure quality before starting the process.

Learn more about prepping & shipping your skins to a tannery
(We proudly partner with American Tanning & Leather)

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