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In the late 1800s, the cowboys started talking to their cobblers. They needed something different, more comfortable, yet more utilitarian. A higher heel to settle into their stirrups. A roomier toe and a sturdy instep. That’s the origin of the cowboy boot as we know it. The beginning of a miles-long history full of barbed wire fence and the wear and tear of clinging spurs.

Western wear has proven its monumental contributions to popular fashion and culture. From genuine cowboys across the western U.S. to the gritty and gutsy aesthetics of John Wayne and Johnny Cash, the cowboy boot has endured as a staple of American style.

​Inspired by this, I founded Parker Boot Company—a next-generation, next-level western artisan brand and an ode to all the beauty within both the form and function of western wear. Before we launched, along with my wife and children, I traveled across Texas to some of the greatest boot shops in the world, intent on learning the art of creating custom cowboy boots.

From the Jass Boot Shop in Central Texas to the Wheeler Boot Company in Houston, Texas, we were fortunate enough to learn from some of the best custom boot makers alive. Our mission is to instill the same integrity, quality, and craftsmanship that we experienced on the road.

We make our boots by hand, and while the phrase “handmade” gets thrown around in fashion a lot these days, I think that it implies the presence of a superior process and product. At Parker Boot Company, we take it a bit further than that. Handmade quality, in our minds, is determined by the quality of the chosen craftsman—it all depends on whose hands made it. Then, and then only, does the quality of the products used matter, which is why we invest in this combination of great hands to make, and great materials to mend, to make a genuinely quality pair of boots.

Each and every pair of which, we guarantee for life.

Founder, Parker Boot Company

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